Where is Love – Oliver!

Antonio recorded this when he was 11 years old.

Antonio learnt this song when he was 9 years old. He performed it at a school soiree as well as several Eisteddfods. When he recorded this, it was the first time he had sung it in 2 years! Once Antonio learns a song, he can easily recall it. His voice is much more mature than it was 2 years ago when he first sang Where is Love.

What people said about this recording:

‘He is as good as any boy I have ever heard sing this , even the ones who have stared in Broadway productions’ –  PL

‘Sung so beautifully’ – RN

‘Magnífico…’ SO

‘A very enjoyable performance.’ VC

Recording details:

Antonio 11yrs
Accompanied by Stuart Long
Studio session March 2021
Where is Love – Composer – Lionel Bart, from the Broadway Musical Oliver!
Recorded in a university studio in Australia.