Voi Che Sapete (Mozart) Cherubino, The Marriage of Figaro

Antonio recorded this when he was 11 years old.

Antonio loves singing in Italian and learns pieces in this language very quickly. He learnt this piece to use in his board exams. Antonio would love to perform as the cheeky Cherubino, but this role is performed by a soprano who pretends to be a boy (pants role). At the time of recording, this is probably his favourite Italian song.

What people said about this video:

‘I love this clip because it is the first one where you get a glimpse of Antonio’s naturally cheeky and fun loving personality.’ – John de la Torre

‘Bravissimo! It is a pleasure to listen to this aria (as famous as difficult) sung like this: the tone is crystal clear, the emission is natural (with a well-held voice and the right breaks) and the expression is what Mozart imagined for his Cherubino. Congratulations for how you sing (today and in the future) and for the passion for good music! Greetings from Italy (and congratulations for the italian accent, too)!’ – JP

‘Bravo! I love this kid’ – HM

‘What an awesome talent. Sensational voice’ – GF

‘Truly a brilliant job!’ – SL

‘Absolutely splendid.’ – DB

Recording details:

Antonio, 11yrs
Accompanied by Stuart Long
Studio session, March 2021

Voi Che Sapete – Composer – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arietta from The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro)
Recorded in a university studio in Australia