Vittoria, mio core

Antonio recorded this when he was 11 years old.

Antonio loves his Schirmer’s 24 Italian Songs & Arias book. He learnt this song for his board exams. This was the first song he learnt that has vocal runs.

What people said about this recording:

‘Wow, really nice work Antonio! Like some others have pointed out, your control over the notes in this piece is really good’ – TB

‘Another fine offering.’ – KC

‘Great work, great control over the notes!!’ – LC

‘Great voice, splendid vocal control!’ – SL

Wonderful to hear you sing. Bellissimo! Love your trill at the end too.’ –  MT

‘Excellent!’ – MEP

Recording details

Antonio 11yrs
Accompanied by Stuart Long
Studio session March 2021
Vittoria, mio core ! – Composer – Giacomo Carissimi
Recorded in a university studio in Australia.