Suo Gan – Welsh Lullaby

Antonio recorded this when he was 11 years old.
Antonio learnt this song because his mother had always liked it since she first heard it in the movie Empire of the Sun. The Welsh was challenging to learn as Antonio didn’t have access to any Welsh speakers. He and his teacher spent time listening to others who had recorded this song in order to work out the pronunciation.

The first time Antonio recorded this was in a community studio and it turned out that the sound engineer was Welsh and he said that Antonio’s diction was great it he thanked him for reminding him of his childhood.

What people said about this recording:

‘…And you sing it absolutely beautifully. Heartbreakingly gorgeous!’ – MT

‘I have goose bumps…’ – ZG

‘Beautiful indeed!’ – TM

‘Antonio, your voice floats in the air, to touch our hearts’ – JP

‘So beautiful indeed. You sang this from your heart….’ – SL

‘Great job and good  Welsh!….his pronunciation is really good!’ – RL

Recording details:

Antonio 11yrs
Accompanied by Stuart Long
Studio session March 2021

Suo Gan – Traditional – Arranged by David Seaman

Recorded in a university studio in Australia.