Pie Jesu – Fauré Requiem

Antonio recorded this when he was 11 years old.

This was recorded whilst Antonio was still learning this piece. Recording in the community studio is mostly about gaining experience working in this environment, so sometimes all the songs aren’t well rehearsed. Antonio’s performance of this song is now quite refined and he has performed it a number of times publicly. We will endeavour to record him singing it again soon.

What people said about this recording:

A favourite of mine. Super job on the Faure and the Franck, too. Your vowels give us some beautiful moments, thank you. I was particularly fond of the -em (from Requiem) at 1:00. – PC

magnifique ! – Y

Great performance – HM

Recording details:

Antonio, 11yrs
Accompanied by Stuart Long

Studio session, December 2020
Pie Jesu – from “Requiem” by Gabriel Fauré

Recorded in a community studio in Australia