Die Forelle

This is Antonio test driving his developing chest voice, by visiting a previous song that will be great for his future baritone voice. If you’re wondering Antonio still has his soprano voice but his lower register is rapidly evolving.

Here is what people said about this recording:

Beautifully sung. I love the raw power of the young baritone voice. It suits Schubert’s playful song very well. – MT

Great, Antonio! The beautiful testimony of a transition that promises a stable voice, with a warm and deep baritone tone, enhanced by this famous piece (which you had already performed brilliantly as a soprano). – AP

Definitely your lower notes are evolving recently. I like your strong voice, strong but beautiful. You should be confident to sing any ranges beautifully! – SL

Very well sung on German. Excellent. – OK

Recording Details:

Antonio 12yrs
Piano Backing Track
Die  Forelle – Franz Shubert
Recorded at home in Australia