Danny Boy

This song is Antonio’s Nanna Pam’s favourite so he sang it for her. He knew the tune and sang it here in the studio without any practise or prior rehearsal. With songs in English, Antonio can often just pick them up and sing them only after hearing the tune once. Of course he also has the sheet music as reference. He also picks up Italian songs very quickly.

What people said about this recording:

Great rendition of Danny Boy by an Australian boy-soprano superstar! You made my morning, thank you. – SL

That voice is unstoppable! I wish you lots of success Antonio! – MM

Thank you Antonio for singing us this beautiful tribute to St. Patricks Day – RG

Recording details:

Antonio, 11yrs
Accompanied by Stuart Long
Studio session, March 2021

Danny Boy – Composer – Fred E.Weatherly
Recorded in a university studio in Australia