All about that Bass | Meghan Trainor cover | Tanner Patrick version

What people said about this recording:

“Enjoyed this song and your singing..keep using that talent which brings joy to many and continues to show your hidden and known capabilities!!!” – DC

“A magnificent voice, thank you and congratulations Antonio, it is a great pleasure to listen to you. Kind regards from France” – DD

“That was just 100% absolutley delightful 🙂 It was all “you” and what we’ve come to admire and love from you. It couldn’t have been any more better than showcasing who is “you”, i f you get what I mean. Well done kiddo” – DA

“I’m all about it too… 👍 Bravo Zulu!” – RD

“You can do anything!” – MC


Antonio de la Torre
Backing Track – Nine Studio
Bass guitar – Jake Gerber
Backing vocals – Antonio de la Torre
Mix/Master – Jay Jay Studios

All about that Bass – Meghan Trainor
Tanner Patrick cover version @Tanner Patrick

I really liked Tanner’s version, so I did my own version based on his 🙂 Thanks @Tanner Patrick

Recorded at home in Australia