A Million Dreams – from The Greatest Showman

Here is another song where Antonio is exploring his head and chest voice interaction. This song from The Greatest Showman is written for three characters. We have reinterpreted it for two characters, the older and younger self. In our version the “inner child” who provides the enthusiasm and initial vision is asking to continue on the journey with the older “life hardened” self.

As parents our message to Antonio, as he starts his journey is to never lose sight of where you started and what sparked your vision. Never lose the wonder of being a child, life is a journey for both parts of you and we sit proudly at your side watching you start out on that journey – John & Alison.

This video is for Karen, who has been unwell of late, thanks for your enthusiastic advice and wisdom – Antonio

Recording Details:

Antonio 12yrs
Karaoke backing

A Million Dreams, from The Greatest Showman – Benj Pasek & Justin Paul
Photo credit: Keith Saunders (Carmen, Opera Australia, Sydney Opera House 2020)
Recorded at home in Australia.